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Tactical Imaging Systems

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Tactical imaging systems from Ocean Insight are rugged, low-power systems with onboard processors to make critical decisions and provide live video feeds of enhanced imagery.

Our fused LWIR/SWIR handheld system is equipped with two cameras for the shortwave infrared (SWIR) and longwave infrared (LWIR) spectral ranges. Onboard software performs the image fusion of the SWIR and LWIR. Video and images can be stored onboard a microSD drive or disseminated over various communication devices. This sophisticated technology solution delivers enhanced vision of a scene and can set thermal accents in SWIR video.


  • Imaging functions -- view and record LWIR, SWIR or fused video
  • Cameras -- 640 x 512 day/night SWIR camera and 640 x 480 longwave uncooled IR camera
  • FOV -- 18 degree Field of View
  • Communications -- customizable options include Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, cellular, RS-232