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NIR PixelSensor

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PixelSensor multispectral sensors use on-chip filtering to pack up to 8 wavelength-selective photodiodes into a compact 9 mm x 9 mm array for simple integration into optical devices. A single PixelSensor replaces multiple components, helping OEMs shrink multi-wavelength instruments for applications involving biological samples, materials, liquids and gases with NIR spectral characteristics.

PixelSensor’s wafer-level optical filters suppress out-of-band background light, improving contrast and sensitivity. PixelSensor offers wavelength selectivity, is available in OEM versions with user-defined spectral bands, and can be specified with optional electronics board and accessories for rapid prototyping and development.


  • High performance -- excellent filter transmission and out-of-band blocking characteristics
  • Device integration -- convenient package for embedding into other devices 
  • Multiple detector elements -- up to 8 sensor arrays in a 9 mm x 9 mm footprint
  • NIR wavelength bands -- center wavelength options from 700-1000 nm
  • Evaluation kit option -- includes filters, electronics board, software and more