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2014CAM-500 PixelCam Multispectral Camera

Item Code: 2014CAM-500

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PixelCam multispectral cameras provide live imaging of 3-9 spectral bands, off-the-shelf or custom, at video rates. Simultaneous multi-channel “snapshot” acquisition delivers rich, real-time data without scene change or pixel shift. 

The 6-channel PixelCam option has 6 bands, RGB-3xNIR.

OceanMSI software for PixelCam enables recording, overlaying, and simultaneous viewing of different spectral bands. OceanMSI lets the user overlay NIR images onto a traditional color image, control the intensity thresholds, and record image data. This is an essential first look into the power of PixelCam and makes feasibility analyses simpler and more useful.



  • Imaging -- simultaneous multi-band imaging

  • Spectral bands -- 6 spectral bands, RGB + 3xNIR (740/60 nm, 840-60 nm, 940/60 nm)

  • Robust software -- simultaneous viewing and recording of all spectral bands

  • Compact, low-power footprint -- portable size, weight and power consumption

  • Scalable -- robust, high reliability, volume production