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  • Ocean Insight Modular Spectrometers Lab Setup with scientist working

Lab Services

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Product Details

Resources. Time. Knowledge. Three things always in scarcity, yet three things critical to moving your operation forward. Shift stress away from your organization while accelerating your progress by partnering with Ocean Insight scientists and utilizing our next-generation machine learning architecture and world-class laboratory facilities.

Our dedicated Ocean Lab Services team draws on decades of experience in optical sensing to deliver services ranging from basic feasibility studies to more complex offerings including experimental design, machine learning and consultancy.

Product Overview

  • Fixed Price Insight -- One Price, One Study, One Answer.
  • Custom Insight -- More extensive research and evaluation in support of your project goals
  • Machine Learning -- Custom algorithm development for advanced identification and quantification
  • Consultancy -- Full serving of custom solutions capabilities, from evaluation to integration
Lab Services Chart