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Wavelength Calibration Sources

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Spectrometer wavelength calibration sources are available for convenient, reliable spectrometer calibration across UV-NIR wavelengths.

Options include mercury-argon (253-1700 nm), krypton (427-893 nm), neon (540-754 nm), argon (696-1704 nm) and xenon (916-1984 nm) gas-discharge emission sources. With multiple wavelength options and emission lines to utilize, users can more readily choose a source, or combination of sources, to match analytical wavelengths of interest within the measurement range.




  • Gas-discharge sources — produce atomic emission lines for performing reliable spectrometer wavelength calibration
  • UV-NIR coverage — choose from multiple sources across a broad range of wavelengths
  • Remote on/off operation -- helps you avoid disturbing experiment setups
  • Convenient power features — sources include 5 VDC power supply and embedded, rechargeable lithium ion battery



Subject to change depending on model type


Argon, Krypton, Mercury Argon, Xenon
Wavelength Range:
253nm - 1.984μm
Amplitude Stabilization:
~1 minute
Source Lifetime:
3,500 hours (typical)


Fiber Connector:
SMA 905
3 mm
16.7 x 10.6 x 3.4 cm (without feet)
Power Consumption:
2A (maximum) at 5 VDC when battery is charging
Power Requirements:
5 VDC power supply; rechargeable, embedded lithium ion battery
180 g

Measurement techniques