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Product Details

LSM LEDs operate via the LDC-1 single-channel driver and controller, which enable basic programming. Proprietary electronics provide stable, high-current operation in continuous, pulsed and modulation modes. The LDC-1 enables LED control from an external source, such as a function generator or a trigger signal from a spectrometer or other electronic device.

In the LSM LED internal modulation mode, users can select continuous sine, triangle or square waveforms, and optimize LED frequency. These functions are useful for applications such as quality analysis and testing of commercial phosphors.

Product Overview

  • Smart controller with color LCD touch screen -- compact, single-channel driver and controller for LSM series LEDs
  • Robust electronics -- proprietary design provides stable, high-current operation in continuous, pulsed and modulation modes
  • External trigger option -- enables LED control using a function generator or trigger/modulation signal






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Safety & Regulatory:
Operating Humidity Specification:
≤ 85% Relative humidity
Operating Temperature:
0 °C to 50 °C


Fiber Connector:
SMA 905
14.7 x 7.3 x 8.9 cm
Power Consumption:
2A (maximum) at 15 VDC
800 g
Power Requirements:
15 VDC power supply

Measurement techniques