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LSM series LED light sources are ideal for fluorescence excitation and other measurements requiring narrowband illumination. The innovative optical design of the LSM LED family provides highly efficient coupling into an optical fiber, ensuring high power for fluorescence excitation where every photon counts.

LSM LEDs are available in discrete wavelengths ranging from 265-880 nm and in a warm white option with color temperature of 3689 K. LSM LEDs accommodate multiple mounting options (DIN rail, optical bench, rack) and are supplied with a rugged plastic case for carrying multiple LEDs and accessories. 

The LSM LEDs are controlled by the LDC-1 single channel driver and controller. This controller is required for LED operation.




  • LSM LED options -- UV, Visible, NIR and broadband wavelengths
  • LED control module -- compact single channel driver and smart controller
  • UV kit versions -- includes the controller plus 265 nm, 280 nm, 310 nm and 365 nm wavelengths
  • Additional wavelength options -- select from Visible (405, 470, 533, 635 nm) wavelengths, or purchase with a mix of wavelength models (280, 365, 470 nm and 3689K warm white)


Subject to change depending on model type


Typical Output Power:
0.18 mW, 0.21 mW, 10.08 mW, 15.95 mW
CWL (nm) Nominal:
265, 280, 310, 365, 385
CWL (nm) Typical:
267, 282, 312, 371, 388
FWHM (nm):
11, 12, 16
Maximum Drive Current - CW:
1400 mA, 350 mA
Maximum Drive Current (Pulsed):
2000 mA, 350 mA
Pulse Power:
0.22, 0.23, 14.28, 20.55
Wavelength Stability:


Safety & Regulatory:
Operating Humidity Specification:
≤ 85% Relative humidity, non-condensing
Operating Temperature:
0 °C to 50 °C


Fiber Connector:
SMA 905
3 x 6.4 x 3.3 cm
Power Consumption:
2A (maximum)
120 g

Measurement techniques


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