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  • LS-1-LL-B Bulbs

Ocean Insight Legacy Replacement Bulbs

Lead Time: 2 -3 weeks

Prices From $63.00

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Product Details

Replacement bulbs are available for certain discontinued Ocean Insight light sources. This ensures uninterrupted use of your original purchase, although the list of available bulbs changes frequently. We recommend upgrading to a comparable light source or investing in multiple replacement bulbs if your source gets significant use.

Please note: To replace a bulb in a Jaz light source module, you will need to contact Ocean Insight for assistance.

Product Overview

Available replacement bulbs for discontinued products:

  • LS-1-LL-B -- long-life bulb for LS-1 tungsten halogen light sources; 10,000 hrs. lifetime, 2800 K
  • JAZ-VIS-NIR-B -- tungsten halogen replacement bulb for Jaz spectrometer Visible-NIR light source module; 1,500 hrs. lifetime