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  • HR Plasma Bundle Spectrometer

Plasma Measurement Packages

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Product Details

If you need to measure plasma emission, Ocean Insight plasma measurement packages are convenient, robust and easy to work with. Each bundle comprises a spectrometer, solarization-resistant optical fiber and a cosine corrector with Spectralon diffusing material. OceanView operating software completes the setup.

Plasma measurement packages are ideal for plasma monitoring, solar irradiance, light characterization and other emissive measurements. By monitoring the emission spectrum of a sample plasma, users can determine critical plasma parameters required for controlling plasma-based processes.

Product Overview

  • Convenient bundle -- each package comprises everything you need for plasma measurements
  • Multiple spectrometer options -- choose from among packages anchored by a general-purpose or high-resolution spectrometer
  • Easy to use — plug and play via the micro USB connection
  • User interchangeable slit — allows you to vary the resolution and throughput of the spectrometer on demand

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