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Part Number: RAMAN-BUNDLE-HDX-785

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Product Details

For simple and accessible Raman analysis in a convenient instrument footprint, consider the RAMAN-BUNDLE-HDX-785. Anchored by the high-performance 785 nm Ocean HDX Raman spectrometer, this application-ready system also includes a 785 nm laser, sampling accessories and software for probe-based Raman measurements.

Its compact size and great affordability make the Ocean HDX Raman spectrometer an attractive option for bundling – a ready-for-action package for lab use or integration into other devices.

The Ocean HDX Raman spectrometer for 785 nm Raman analysis unlocks Raman signature data from 150 cm-1 to 3400 cm-1, is available with a 25 µm or 50 µm entrance slit, and can be combined with a laser, probe and sample holder to measure solids, powders and liquids.

Raman at 785 nm excitation is ideal for measuring chemicals, with limited interference from fluorescence, and provides good spectral resolution. Typical applications include chemical fingerprinting and materials analysis.

This 785 nm Raman measurement package is an attractive option for your 785 nm Raman spectroscopy needs. Less expensive than traditional scientific-grade Raman instrument setups yet sacrificing little in performance, RAMAN-BUNDLE-HDX-785 is more accessible to a wider range of users, including university and research labs, budget-limited start-ups, and small companies.

In addition, the Ocean HDX Raman bundle is attractive for integration into other products, offering advantages including small size and light weight, plus thermal stability, and Ethernet connectivity.

Product Overview

What's in the Package?

  • High-sensitivity Ocean HDX Raman spectrometer. Enjoy great performance in a compact, accessible instrument. Provides Raman signature data from 150 cm-1 to 3400 cm-1.
  • 785 nm Raman laser. High-power diode laser (LASER-785-LAB-ADJ-FC) has output adjustable to >350 mW.
  • 785 nm Raman probe. Item RIP-RPB-785-FC-SMA is a general-purpose Raman probe with strong signal collection and excellent laser line filtering.
  • Safety glasses - LASER-GL-ML1
  • Software - OceanView

Please note: For Raman analysis of liquid samples in vials or cuvettes, you must also purchase the RM-LQ-SHS. For SERS analysis purchase the RM-SERS-SHS, which accommodates standard glass SERS slides. Here's an example of how SERS helps boost Ocean HDX Raman signal for fuel marker detection

Why Choose the Ocean HDX Raman Bundle?

  • It's convenient. Everything you need is available in a single package. That's one part number for your purchasing agent, less mixing-and-matching of components if that's not your preference, and less worry that you made the right choice.

  • It's integration-ready. The bundle offers everything you need for integrating Raman technology into your product -- small size, low weight, Ethernet, locking connectors, thermal stability, fast integration times and affordability.

  • It's versatile. With 785 nm Raman, applications range from chemical fingerprinting to pharmaceuticals characterization.

  • It's sensitive. Check out some spectra captured using the Ocean HDX Raman bundle.

Need a different Raman excitation wavelength or even better sensitivity? Consider one of our Raman measurement packages for 532 nm, 638 nm or 1064 nm Raman analysis.