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Connecting the Flame and X-platform spectrometers is easy with our range of cables and connectors. These spectrometers have a connector called the DD4 connector. It has a low profile, high density 40 pin connector type, similar to those used on many modern consumer electronic devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This lets us pack a lot into a small space!


  • FLAME-CBL-DD4-DB15P connects the Flame and X-platform spectrometers to the PX-2, DH-mini, LLS and HL series light sources
  • FLAME-CBL-DD4-DH-HPX connects the Flame and X-platform spectrometers to the DH and HPX series of light sources
  • FLAME-CBL-DD4-PAK50P connects the Flame and X-platform spectrometers to the 30 pin PAK50P type connector used on the Breakout Box and with the QE Pro, Maya Series and HR Series spectrometers
  • FLAME-DD4-BREAKOUT-BOARD is a small PCB board that plugs into the Flame and X-platform spectrometers, making it super simple and easy to access all 40 pins. It is ideal for prototyping, quick and easy triggering and do-it-yourself cables.
Cable Device Cross Matrix
Cable Device Cross Matrix

DD4P to PAK50P 30-Pin Connections

DD4P to PAK50P 30 Pin

DD4 to DB15 Pin Connections

FLAME Sampling Accessories