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74-DA Direct-attach Collimating Lens

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Collimating lenses are optical lenses that make parallel the light beams that enter your spectrometer setup. These lenses allow users to control the field of view, collection efficiency and spatial resolution of their setup, and to configure illumination and collection angles for sampling.

Ocean Insight collimating lenses can be attached to the spectrometer, coupled to optical fibers, or integrated into sampling accessories. Most lenses have an inner barrel threaded for SMA 905 connectors. The inner barrel slides relative to the lens fixture for adjusting the focus; a setscrew secures the barrel.


  • Versatile – lenses optimized for the UV-Visible (185-2500 nm) or Visible-NIR (350-2500 nm)
  • Direct-attach option -- 74-DA model lens screws onto SMA 905 connector of the spectrometer
  • Rugged – stainless steel barrel with black oxide finish
  • Adjustable – position lenses for converging to diverging FOV (~25°)


Subject to change depending on model type


Connects To:
Lens Material:
f/2 fused silica Dynasil
Single lens, direct-attach
Wavelength Range:
200nm - 2.5μm
SMA 905
Connector Threads:
"3/8-24 external thread 1/4-36 internal thread"
5 mm
Focal Length Specification:
10 mm


Operating Temperature:
150 °C