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74-90-UV Collimating Lens Assembly

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Ocean Insight 74-90-UVs are 3/8-24 threaded black anodized aluminum assemblies for mounting lenses at 90°. Versions are available for coupling to a pair of optical fibers or to an optical fiber on one end and a cosine corrector on the other.

Each 74-90-UV has a mirror under its cap that reflects light from the collimating lens to 90°. The mirror is coated with an aluminum substrate that is >80% reflective from 200-1000 nm. A pair of 3/8-24 threaded ports accommodate collimating lenses (not included). 


  • Versatile – rugged assembly for mounting lenses at 90°
  • Reflective design – mirror assembly is >80% reflective from 200-1000 nm
  • Fiber optic – can be used with two fibers or with a fiber and a cosine corrector
  • Flexible – allows routing of optical fibers without concern for transmission loss