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  • 74-ACH Free Space Optics

74-ACH Adjustable Collimating Lens Holder

Part Number: 74-ACH

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Product Details

The 74-ACH adjustable collimating lens holder is a versatile assembly for mounting lenses at multiple positions vertically and horizontally and is especially useful for transmission measurements of samples up to 10 cm thickness. Its anodized aluminum base and adjustable mount bars accommodate collimating lenses using four 3/8-24 threaded holes, spaced 1″ apart starting 1″ from the top of the bar.

Product Overview

  • Adjustable width – ideal for large or thick solid samples
  • Flexible – position collimating lenses for a variety of setups
  • Sturdy – durable anodized aluminum base and mount bars
  • Simple modification – adjust bars with basic hex wrench


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Base Material:
Black anodized aluminum
Base Measurement Guide:
Scored at 0.5 cm segments
10 cm total length
Dimensions (OD):
152.4 x 76.2 x 152.4
Mounting Bars Material:
Black anodized aluminum
Mounting Bars Positioning:
Four 3/8-24 holes spaced 25.4 mm apart
Mounting Bars Threading:
Accepts lenses with 3/8-24 threadsUses 10-32 setscrews for adjusting the bars (recommend 5/32” hex wrench to loosen)