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DH-2000-DUV-B Deep UV Replacement Bulb

Item Code: DH-2000-DUV-B



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Replacement bulbs and accessories are available for Ocean Insight light sources. Here's what we offer for our DH-2000 series deuterium-tungsten halogen sources:

  • DH-2000-BD -- deuterium bulb, 210-400 nm, 1,000 hrs.
  • DH-2000-DH -- halogen bulb, 360-2500 nm, 900 hrs., 3100K
  • DH-2000-DUV-B -- deep UV deuterium bulb,190-400 nm, 1,000 hrs.


  • Bulb options -- deep UV, deuterium and tungsten halogen
  • Easy replacement -- replace bulbs in minutes