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  • 74-MSP Cuvette Holders

Cuvette Holder Accessories

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Product Details

Optional covers are available for 1 cm pathlength CUV-series cuvette holders. These covers fit over the sample chamber to block ambient light from the sample. Standard and "tall" versions are available.

Also available for use with CUV-series fluorescence cuvette holders are mirrored screw plugs, which are inserted into a collimating lens port on the cuvette holder to redirect energy to the sample or collimating lens.

Product Overview

  • Cuvette holder covers -- anodized black covers fit over cuvettes to block ambient light
  • Mirrored screw plugs -- install in cuvette holders to increase signal in fluorescence setups
  • Compatibility -- designed for use with CUV-series cuvette holders