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Quartz Sample Cell Cuvettes

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Product Details

Ocean Insight offers a variety of quartz sample cells for absorbance, transmission and fluorescence measurements. All cuvettes are suitable for use from 170-2700 nm and will fit securely into our cuvette holders. Options are available to meet your fill volume requirements and measurement needs. With proper care and maintenance, cells can be reused effectively for as long as they remain free of scratches, cracks and similar imperfections.

Product Overview

  • Versatile – options for absorbance, fluorescence and low-volume sampling
  • Broad wavelength range – quartz material is useable from 170-2700 nm
  • Robust – good chemical compatibility with most solvents and acidic solutions
  • Beam alignment – cells have “Z” dimension of 15 mm


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Filling Volume:
0.42 mL
1.4 mL
28.2 mL
3.5 mL
1 cm
10 cm
Wavelength Range:
170nm - 2.7μm
Clear Windows:
PTFE cover (non-sealing)
PTFE stopper
PTFE stoppers
Exterior Dimensions:
12.5 mm x 102.5 mm x 35 mm (WLH)
12.5 mm x 12.5 mm x 45 mm (WLH)
12.5 mm x 12.5 mm x 48 mm (WLH)
22 mm OD x 102.5 mm length
Interior Dimensions:
10 mm x 10 mm (WL)
19 mm x 100 mm (WL)
4 mm x 10 mm (WL) x 2.5 mm thickness
6.5 mm x 10 mm x 6.5 mm (WLH)
Flow cell with M6 threaded connectors
Long pathlength cylindrical
Standard rectangular

Measurement techniques