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Longpass Flow Cells

Lead Time: 2 - 3 weeks

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LPC Longpass Flow Cells couple to Ocean Insight spectrometers and light sources for measurement of low-volume and low-concentration aqueous samples. The cells are available in standard and microvolume versions, with pathlengths ranging from 1 cm-500 cm and internal volume levels from 2.4 µL-1,250 µL.

LPCs use a capillary tube as both sample compartment and light waveguide. Chemical and biological samples such as proteins, nutrients and DNA are introduced with a syringe or a pump into the fluidic ports mounted on the face panel. Optical fibers connect to SMA 905 fittings to deliver and return light to the spectrometer.


  • Small volume sampling – microcell options with internal volume as low as 2.4 µL
  • Multiple pathlengths – options ranging from 1 cm to 500 cm
  • Easy to use – inject sample with a syringe or connect to a pump


Subject to change depending on model type


Internal Volume:
12 µL, 125 µL, 1250 µL, 2.4 µL, 24 µL, 250 µL, 625 µL
10 mm, 100 cm, 100 mm, 250 cm, 50 cm, 50 mm, 500 cm
Wavelength Range:
200nm - 1μm
Liquid Input:
10-32 port fitting
100 psi, 1000 psi
Noise (mAU):
<0.1, <0.2, <0.5

Measurement techniques