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Ultra Short Pathlength Flow Cells

Lead Time: 2 - 3 weeks

From $1,666.00

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FIA series Ultra Short Path Flow Cells are a great option for absorbance and transmission of liquids with high opacity or available at very low sample volume levels. Pathlengths from 100 µm-2000 µm are available. Primary applications include life sciences analyses and process control of optically dense samples such as dye baths used in textile manufacturing.

Each flow cell has a 2% pathlength tolerance and a 10-50 µL/second flow rate (push or pull). Tubing and fittings are included.


  • Low volume sampling – internal cell volume options as low as 0.03 mL
  • High opacity liquid sampling – pathlengths as short as 100 µm for optically dense samples
  • Good UV transparency – transmit light as low as 190 nm


Subject to change depending on model type


Internal Volume:
0.03 mL, 0.06 mL, 0.15 mL, 0.30 mL, 0.60 mL
100 µm, 1000 µm, 200 µm, 2000 µm, 500 µm
Window Material:
Fused silica
Tubing Specification:
1/16” OD, 0.03” ID

Measurement techniques