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  • Raman-LQ-SHS



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Ocean Insight offers several sample holders for Raman analysis of liquids and solids, including a multipurpose holder that can be configured for fluorescence and other measurements. The holders accommodate Raman probes from 9.5 mm-12.7 mm diameter, and 1 cm pathlength cuvettes and vials of various dimensions.

Also available is the OOA-RAMAN-SH sample holder for vial and cuvette measurements, which has a positioning screw to optimize the focus of the laser onto the sample.


  • Flexible – convenient tools for Raman sampling of liquids and solids
  • SERS-friendly — holder accommodates SERS slides for convenient measurements
  • Multipurpose holder option – holder is adjustable for Raman, fluorescence and more
  • Adjustable – accommodates various sizes of probes and cuvettes