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LASER-GL-RB2 Laser Safety Glasses

Part Number: LASER-GL-RB2

Lead Time: 4 weeks

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Product Details

Raman laser safety glasses offer great protection from laser light without sacrificing visibility or comfort. The glasses are designed for both direct and diffuse viewing, are EN207-compliant and CE-certified, and are made using absorptive dyes that maximize color recognition and visible light transmission (VLT). Options are available for use with Raman laser excitation wavelengths including 532 nm, 638 nm, 785 nm, 808 nm and 1064 nm.

Product Overview

  • Recommended for -- model LASER-GL-RBS for blocking 638 nm Raman excitation
  • Excellent laser light protection – optical density rating 3 from 615-720 nm, 4 from 651-670 nm, 5 from 671-715 nm, 6 from 680-710 nm, and 7 from 690-700 nm
  • Great visibility – designed for direct or diffuse viewing


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180-315 nm D LB6 R LB4
>315-400 nm DR LB4
>615-660 nm DIR LB4
>660-665 nm DIR LB4
>665-715 nm D LB4 IR LB5
694 nm IR LB7
Optical Density (OD):
6 (190-400 nm)3 (615-720 nm)
4 (651-670 nm)
5 (671-715 nm)
6 (680-710 nm)
7 (690-700 nm)
Visible Light Transmission (VLT):
35% Teal
CE Certification: