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  • FOSPOR-OR125-G Sensors


Item Code: FOSPOR-OR125-G

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These probes are a convenient replacement for standard 1/8″ (3.175 mm) oxygen electrodes. Available in both smooth and O-ring grooved versions, they integrate seamlessly into existing industrial and process applications.


  • Mates to system using a BIFBORO-1000-2 fiber assembly and 21-02 splice bushing
  • Grooved version accomodates an O-ring near the tip for sealing
  • Available for all sensor formulations
Optional silicone overcoat:
  • Excludes ambient light and cross-fluorescence
  • Eliminates interference from sample color and turbidity
  • Protects the sensor from biofouling interference and chemical degradation
  • Increases response time; use only to mitigate interfering factors described above
  • The overcoat applied to our FOSPOR chemistry has been USP Class VI certified.


Subject to change depending on model type


Compatible Fiber Assembly:
BIFBORO-1000-2, 21-02
Fiber Core Diameter:
1000 μm
63.5 mm
Outer Diameter:
3.175 mm (1/8″)
SMA 905
Drift at 0% Oxygen(FOSPOR):
O-Ring Groove:
Located near tip
300 psi
Probe Ferrule Material:
Stainless steel