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  • FOSPOR-R Sensors

Oxygen Sensor Probes

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Ocean Insight optical oxygen sensors utilize both ruthenium and platinum-based fluorescent molecules whose fluorescence is quenched by the presence of molecular oxygen. We embed these molecules into thin-films that are applied to the tips of fiber optic probes or to peel-and-stick patches for non-invasive measurement.

Oxygen sensor probes are available in designs including slender probes for fine spatial resolution applications to rugged stainless steel probes for robust environments. 


  • Probe design -- oxygen-sensitive indicator material applied to fiber tip
  • Probe options -- configurations for general lab use, process environments and more
  • Simple assembly -- probes mate to complete sensor system using a bifurcated fiber assembly and splice bushing
  • Silicone overcoat -- optional coating excludes ambient light and cross-fluorescence


Subject to change depending on model type


Compatible Fiber Assembly:
BIFBORO-1000-2, 21-02, BIFBORO-300-2, 21-02, BIFBORO-600-2, 21-02
Fiber Core Diameter:
1000 μm, 300 μm, 600 μm
15 cm, 152.4 mm, 18 cm, 2 m, 63.5 mm
Outer Diameter:
1.587 mm (1/16″), 3.175 mm (1/8″), 420 μm, 6.35 mm (1/4″), 710 μm
SMA 905
Drift at 0% Oxygen(FOSPOR):
0.0002%/hr, 0.0003%/hr
Drift at 0% Oxygen(HIOXY):
0.002%/hr, 0.010%/hr
Drift at 20% Oxygen(FOSPOR):
0.0025%/hr, 0.006%/hr
Drift at 20% Oxygen(HIOXY):
Fiber Coating Material:
Jacketing Material:
Aluminum, Black PVC monocoil, Silicone
O-Ring Groove:
Located near tip, None
1400 psi, 300 psi
Probe Ferrule Diameter:
3.175 mm (1/8″)
Probe Ferrule Length:
107 mm (4.2″)
Probe Ferrule Material:
Stainless steel
Spot Size:
2 mm
Thermistor Resistance:
0 to 70ºC
Thermistor Temperature Range:
0 to 70ºC

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