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LVF-HH Linear Variable Filter

Part Number: LVF-HH

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Product Details

Linear variable filters (LVFs) are handy tools for setups where high-pass, low-pass or bandpass filters are required. The filters are epoxied into slide carriers so you can move the transmission or blocking band through each filter’s wavelength range. LVFs are available with accessories for mounting the filters in-line or adapting them to the filter slot of CUV-UV-ALL cuvette holders.

LVFs are available in single and double filter versions, have excellent transmission (~90%) and blocking (99.8%) bands and are optimized for 230-500 nm or 300-750 nm wavelength ranges.

Product Overview

  • Versatile – can be used for high-pass, low-pass and variable bandpass filtering
  • Applications – block excitation energy in fluorescence setups or reduce stray light in absorbance setups
  • Adaptable – accessories for use with cuvette or filter holders
  • High pass filter -- LVF-HH is a double high-pass filter for 300-750 nm


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Filter Dimensions Specification:
57 mm x 10 mm
Filter Material:
Interference coating on quartz substrate
Filter Ranges:
300-750 nm
Filter Type:
Double high-pass
Double Filter Blocking Bands:
Double Filter Transmission Bands:
Single Filter Blocking Bands:
Single Filter Transmission Bands:
Transmission Bandwidth (Variable Bandpass Filters):
Preset at ~25 nm
adjustable by sliding filters within the carrier