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Analyze IQ Chemistry Software

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Analyze IQ software is a great complement to modular Ocean Insight Raman systems for spectral analysis and chemometrics.

The Analyze IQ chemometrics software package is available with a library of Raman spectra for nearly 1,900 lab materials, solvents and more. To access these spectra, you’ll need to purchase the RAMAN-ANIQ-LAB (standard chemometrics software) with the RAM-ANIQ-SPEC-MGR (database management) and RAM-ANIQ-RAMAN-LIB (library).

  • Raman analysis – chemometrics and spectral analysis for modular Raman setups
  • Mixture identification – proprietary methods analyze target substances in mixtures
  • Spectral library add-on – spectra for nearly 1,900 lab materials, solvents and more


Analyze IQ Lab

  • Advanced chemometric analysis software package
  • Range of useful pre-processing options
  • Standard data formats
  • Wide range of analysis methods:
    • Principal Component Regression
    • Linear Regression
    • K Nearest Neighbors
    • Spectral Attribute Voting
    • Support Vector Machines
  • Choose and apply pre-built models to analyze unknown spectral data
  • Build new models for classification or quantification

Analyze IQ Spectra Manager 

  • Spectral data management package
  • Store, organize, and use your valuable spectra and associated data
  • View and create spectral libraries and add, remove and update entries
  • Stored relevant QA details
  • Integrates with AnalyzeIQ Lab
  • Works with AnalyzeIQ library, build your own library or use 3rd party libraries
  • Optional library of spectra available

Spectral Libraries 

  • Analyze IQ’s Raman Library – spectra of a wide range of common organic materials
    • >1,100 spectra of lab materials, each of which has a single identified primary constituent
    • >750 spectra of laboratory-made mixtures of 2 to 4 components, carefully quantified
  • Additional libraries for Raman, FTIR, and other types of spectroscopy
  • Tools to import and convert spectral data