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Product Details

OceanMath is a family of software library products that provides spectroscopy calculations and data processing of acquired data. OceanMath is organized into a series of libraries that will offer focused, application-specific, fully tested implementation of spectral processing functions. Modules are license-controlled and priced individually.

The first libraries to be released are OceanMathCore and OceanMathArt. The latter requires OceanMathCore to be installed to function.

OceanMathCore is the foundation for OceanMath and contains functions including blackbody spectrum handling and axis unit transformations to gigahertz, Raman shift and wavenumbers.

OceanMathART requires OceanMathCore to be present to operate. It comprises a full library of functions for the most common spectroscopy applications:

  • Absorbance
  • Reflectance
  • Transmission
  • Relative irradiance

Product Overview

  • Convenient software development tools to process spectral data into meaningful answers

  • Spectral processing and math functions for handling tasks such as linear regressions, blackbody spectrum management and axis unit transformations 

  • Typically used with the OceanDirect software development kit for communication with, and control of, Ocean Insight spectrometers 

  • Convenient licensing options

  • Makes spectral processing a point-and-click exercise

OceanMath Licensing

OceanMath licenses are for a single installation and include 1 year of updates and support. Updates can be extended for a second year at a reduced license price.