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SPAM Spectral Processing Package

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Product Details

SPAM (Spectral Processing and Math Library) is for people who like writing their own linear regression and LU decompositions; some prefer to pull a tested implementation from a DLL or jar. Some can breeze through u’v’ and CIE L*a*b* transforms, while others would as soon call a handy function.

Whenever you’d like a breather, feel welcome to lean on SPAM’s industrial-strength signal-processing and colorspace routines to make spectral processing a point-and-click exercise. Fully LabVIEW compatible, and available in all your favorite .NET, .so, and .dylib flavors.

Product Overview

Here are some functions you can perform using the SPAM Spectral Processing and Math library:

  • Colorspace calculation
  • Compute absorbance, reflection and other functions
  • Non-unity correction
  • Peak finding
  • Reference monitoring
  • Unit conversion (e.g., wavenumbers to nanometers)