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HR-2N500-10 Spectrometer (OceanDirect Software included)

Item Code: HR-2N500-10

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Product Details

The Ocean HR2 spectrometer provides rapid acquisition speed and excellent thermal stability for applications ranging from plasma monitoring to pharmaceuticals analysis. Ocean HR2 is compact and robust, with integration times as fast as 1 μs and thermal wavelength drift of just 0.06 pixels/° C, helping to ensure reliable spectral performance even as environmental conditions change. Ocean HR2 models cover various wavelength ranges within 735-1150 nm, with a choice of slit width sizes to help users manage throughput and optical resolution.

The Ocean HR2 spectrometer is compatible with Ocean Insight light sources, accessories and software, allowing users to optimize setups for different applications. Its rugged design, thermal stability and excellent absorbance linearity make Ocean HR2 viable for everyday lab use, embedding into OEM instrumentation, and integrating into process setups.

Product Overview

  • High resolution performance – <1.0 nm (FWHM) optical resolution

  • Rapid acquisition speed -- 1 µs minimum integration time

  • Great thermal stability -- Thermal stability to 0.06 pixels/°C

Each Ocean HR2 spectrometer comes with OceanDirect, a powerful, cross-platform Software Developers Kit (SDK) with an Application Programming Interface (API). OceanDirect provides users the capability to optimize spectrometer performance and access critical data for analysis.



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Wavelength Range:
735nm - 1μm
Blaze Wavelength:
500 nm
Optical Resolution:
Integration Time:
1μs - 1.5s
Corrected linearity:
Dark Noise:
20 Counts
Dynamic Range:
2.46 E8 (System)
Input Fiber Connector:
SMA 905
Scan Rate:
400 Hz (non-buffered)
Signal to Noise Ratio:
Thermal Stability:
0.06 Pixels/°C


Entrance slit:
10 µm


A/D Resolution:
16 bit
USB Type-C
16 pin Samtec TFM
4 GPIO - 2 Output Strobes - Lamp Enable - Power Input - Trigger Input
Trigger Modes:
Single Strobe - Synchronous Continuous Mode - External Rising Edge


EN 61326-1:2013
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive – 2004/108/EC
EN55011:2009 w/ A1:2010
IEC 60068-2-64 Edition 2.0 2008-04
IEC 60068-2-32 Edition 2.0 2008-05
Anodized Aluminum
Storage Temperature:
-30° to 70° C


150 mm (L) x 107 mm (W) x 48 mm (H)