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Custom Configured NIRQuest+ Spectrometers

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Product Details

The NIRQuest+ is a versatile NIR spectrometer for applications ranging from moisture detection to laser characterization. NIRQuest+ spectrometers cover the wavelength range from 900-2500 nm. Custom and preconfigured options are available.

Custom NIRQuest+ options allow for configuration variations to meet your specific measurement needs. This may include selecting a different slit size or grating range than is available in our preconfigured offerings.

NIRQuest+ can measure very small changes in absorbed signal, which are typical of harmonic overtones in the NIR. Its higher sensitivity enables better measurement accuracy, particularly in low light conditions. Also, at longer wavelengths, NIRQuest+ measures diffuse reflection at low noise levels, resulting in cleaner spectra at wavelengths where distinct spectral features can be difficult to capture.

NIRQuest+ spectrometers are ideal for applications including moisture content for fruit sorting; plastics recycling; and chemical concentration measurements. The spectrometer can be used in the lab or on the line, such as on a conveyor belt or in a sample stream.

Example Applications
• Determination of moisture content in grains
• QA/QC inspection of pharmaceutical ingredients
• Measurement of blood oxygenation in tissue
• Component analysis of soil samples
• NIR laser characterization
• Hydrocarbon analysis in oil and gas
• Photoluminescence of coated silicon wafers
• Determination of chemical composition of plastics

For NIR solutions for customer integration projects, Ocean Insight offers several capabilities: in-house feasibility and verification testing via Ocean Lab Services; skilled engineering support for OEM level optimization of spectrometer optics and accessories; and machine learning algorithm development for advanced data identification and quantification.

NIRQuest+ spectrometers are compatible with Ocean Insight's comprehensive line of fiber optic light sources, optical fibers and sampling accessories.

Product Overview

  • Robust -- reliable spectrometer with deep thermoelectric cooling to -20 °C for low dark current

  • Fast spectral processing -- rapid data transfer is great for applications using chemometric models

  • Modular -- configurable with a range of detectors, gratings and slits for your application

  • Flexible -- replaceable slit design and optional internal shutter for adaptable measurement control

Quick tip: A spectrometer wavelength calibration source can be a useful tool for your lab. For NIR applications, we recommend an Argon (AR-2, 696-1704 nm) or Xenon (XE-2, 916-1984 nm) emission source.

NIRQuest+ in the literature: How NIRQuest+ is helping researchers make more efficient use of the byproducts of paper making and pulp processes

Need a custom configured spectrometer?

Flexibility in the selection of gratings, slits and other components
allows users to customize solutions for specific measurement challenges.

Contact us to find out how a spectrometer can be configured.

Engineering Specifications NIRQuest
Optical resolution: 512-1.7: ~3.1 nm w/25 µm slit
512-1.9: ~3.1 nm w/25 µm slit
512-2.2: ~5 nm w/25 µm slit
512-2.5: ~6.3 nm w/25 µm slit
256-2.1: ~7.6 nm w/25 µm slit
Signal-to-noise ratio: 10000:1 (full signal)
A/D resolution: 16 bit
Dark noise: 6 – 24 RMS counts dependent on the model and integration time
Dynamic range: 7500 – 15000:1 for a single acquisition dependent on the model
Integration time: 1 ms – 120 seconds
Corrected linearity: 512, 512-1.9, 512-2.2, 256-2.1: >99.8%;
512-2.5: >99.6%
Power consumption: 250 mA @ 5 VDC
Inputs/Outputs: Yes. Onboard digital user programmable GPIOs
Trigger modes: 4 modes
Strobe functions: Yes
Gated delay feature: Yes
Connector: 30-pin connector
Type: InGaAs photodiode array
Range: ~800-2500 nm
Pixels: 512 models: 512
256 models: 256
Pixel size: 512, 512-1.9 models: 25 µm x 500 µm
512-2.2., 512-2.5 models: 25 µm x 250 µm
256 model: 50 µm x 500 µm
Dimensions: 182 x 110 x 47 mm
Weight: 1.18 kg (2.6 lb.)

Measurement techniques