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Oxygen Systems

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Ocean Insight optical oxygen sensors use light to probe the interaction between a sample and one of our proprietary sensing materials in order to quantify a chemical property of the sample. Our oxygen sensors have been used to monitor biological samples, headspace gases, industrial slurries, cosmetics, foods, and liquids in natural environments.

A popular option for oxygen measurements is the NeoFox-Kit-Probe. It comprises several components in one convenient kit:

  • NeoFox-GT phase fluorometer
  • FOSPOR-R general-purpose probe
  • BIFBORO-1000-2 1000 µm bifurcated fiber assembly w/21-02 splice bushing
  • NeoFox-TP thermistor for temperature compensation
  • NeoFox-Viewer operating software

Depending on the oxygen measurement level, the NEOFOX-KIT-PROBE has accuracy of 0.1% to 0.5% oxygen and resolution from 0.005% to 0.20% oxygen.


  • Indicator material is easily applied to probes, patches, cuvettes, and other media

  • Fiber optic sensors are more robust and require less maintenance than most electrodes

  • Sensors do not consume or alter the chemical composition of the sample

  • Sensors are less susceptible to environmental changes, moisture, and interfering chemicals

  • Available as a modular configuration (NEOFOX-GT plus sensor probe), as a probe-based kit (NEOFOX-KIT-PROBE), or as a patch-based kit (NEOFOX-KIT-PATCH) 

NeoFox Operating Software

NeoFox Version Date
NeoFox Viewer 2.9 02/03/21

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