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WaveGo Handheld Light Measurement

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WaveGo is ideal for applications that require a simple, yet highly accurate result when characterizing light sources. The app calculates and displays all the essential metrics for quantifying light, and connects the data to a user account via the cloud.

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Our WaveGo solution harnesses Ocean Insight technology used in scientific analysis, along with the power of your smartphone to deliver a quick, accurate and intuitive solution for light measurements.

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  • Simple operation -- one-click use 
  • Connectivity -- Bluetooth 
  • Light measurements -- flicker measurements possible
  • Additional features -- integrated accelerometer and internal shutter


  • Absolute Irradiance Spectrum
  • Lux
  • CIE 1931 Chromaticity (x,y)
  • CRI (Ra, R1-15)
  • TM30 (Rf & Rg)
  • PAR
  • CCT (K°)
  • Melanopic Lux

Wave Illumination, an internal startup of Ocean Insight, has teamed with the global engineering and consulting firm Arup to monitor lighting for customers constructing and maintaining healthy building environments.

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