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LTMS Liquid Transmission Measurement System

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LTMS is a spectroscopy-based system for real-time, in-line monitoring of liquids including industrial dyes and plating baths, ingredients in foods and beverages, and chemical coatings for metals. The system comprises a rugged transmission/absorption platform with a compact, rugged benchtop configuration suitable for harsh environments. A built-in cuvette holder and flow-cell setup with automatic fluid handling are included.

Download the LTMS product sheet.

LTMS is a powerful tool for managing batch-to-batch color consistency in plating baths for metal parts and dye baths for textiles, and for monitoring liquid concentration levels for chemical coatings and food and beverages. As an in-line system, LTMS eliminates the need for walking or transporting samples from the production line to quality control labs, removing a process bottleneck and making it possible to more readily address quality issues as they occur.


  • Fully integrated system – robust, customized system with spectroscopy-based transmission measurement, modeling algorithms and fluid sampling devices

  • In-line, batch-to-batch color matching – real-time measurements speed up workflows by detecting and correcting quality issues as they occur

  • Maximized production yields – improve batch efficiency by minimizing rework and maximizing uptime

  • Flexible setup – as measurement needs change, you can easily move LTMS from tank to tank and make rapid adjustments for new parts and color baths

LTMS Specifications



Wavelength range:

400-700 nm 

Optical resolution:

1.0 nm

Signal to noise ratio (typical):


Cycle time:

40 ms (minimum) to 3-5 seconds

Communication protocol/interface:

TCP/IP over Ethernet

Dimensions (sensor):

180 mm x 160 mm x 100 mm

Dimensions (with integrated pump):

980 mm x 410 mm x 460 mm

Weight (sensor):

4 kg

Weight (with integrated pump):

33 kg

Sample interface: 

Flow cell or cuvette holder; customized hard fixturing also available


Light source-compensated transmission/absorption

* Using 100 water measurements over 600 seconds.


Measurement techniques


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