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QE Pro-Raman+ Raman Spectrometer Solution

The QE Pro-Raman+ is a high-sensitivity, 785 nm Raman spectrometer providing low limits of detection for trace level materials identification. It delivers faster, cleaner Raman signatures to 3000 cm-1, with 3x sensitivity improvement and thermoelectric cooling.

QE Pro-Raman+ Advantages

  • Detect weaker, elusive Raman signatures
  • “See” more with wide spectral range (150 cm-1 to 3000 cm-1)
  • Ultra-low noise electronics and detector cooling push low limits of detection even lower
  • Faster measurements due to 3x sensitivity improvement

    The sensitivity improvement with QE
    Pro-Raman+ is evident in these measurements of the fungicide thiram, after adding SERS gold nanoparticles.

Unlocking Elusive Raman Features

With a potent combination of spectroscopy hardware, technical expertise and algorithm development, Ocean Insight has the capacity to collaborate with customers on precise challenges across many industries.

For example, a setup comprising the QE Pro-Raman+, plus our signal-enhancing SERS substrates and Ocean Intelligence machine learning tools, can achieve seemingly impossible material identification and concentration analysis. The implications could be significant for characterizing pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs and more.

QE Pro-Raman+ Applications

The ability to capture sharp peaks from weak Raman signals makes QE Pro-Raman+ an excellent choice for a range of challenging applications.

  • Materials analysis of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, explosives, and food and beverages
  • Analysis of precise concentration levels when used with Ocean Intelligence machine learning
  • Industrial process monitoring
  • Pesticide detection with surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS)

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