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QE Pro-Raman+ Raman Spectrometer Solution

  • Pharma
  • Raman
QE Pro-Raman+ Raman Spectrometer Solution

QE Pro Raman+ spectrometers provide low limits of detection for trace level materials identification in setups using Raman excitation lasers ranging from 532 nm to 1064 nm. Its ability to distinguish sharp peaks from weak Raman spectral signatures makes QE Pro Raman+ ideal for analysis of pharma ingredients and identification of organic materials and chemicals.

QE Pro-Raman+ Advantages & Applications


  • Detect weaker, elusive Raman signatures
  • Raman shift range options up to 4429 cm-1
  • Ultra-low noise electronics and detector cooling push low limits of detection even lower
  • Delivers faster measurements due to 3x sensitivity improvement
  • Complements high-sensitivity SERS substrates

COVID-19 Antibody Detection

In this demo, we use high-sensitivity SERS for rapid detection of a COVID-19 antibody.

Modular Raman Measurement Setup


  • Materials analysis of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, explosives, and food and beverages
  • Analysis of precise concentration levels 
  • Industrial process monitoring including flow streams
  • Detection of pesticides, virus antibodies and other challenging samples when combined with SERS substrates

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