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With a myriad of optical engineering companies competing for your business, how do you know which one is right for your team's consumer electronics manufacturing needs? Engineered in the United States, Ocean Insight's Applied Systems group has been designing precision solutions and custom systems for unique optical-measurement and inspection challenges used on millions of consumer electronic products for over 25 years.

Click the button or email below to talk to one of our seasoned Ocean Insight Applied Systems professionals about why you should choose Ocean. We'll work with you to find the right solution - or custom-design a system that's right for your specific needs.

Why else should you choose Ocean Insight? For starters, we've designed efficient, high-volume solutions for some of the biggest names in the consumer electronics business — solutions rugged enough to work even better in the real-world environment than in the lab performing in-line inspection on millions of products each year. What's more:

  • Our field-support engineers are available to answer questions and provide on-site support
  • We can quickly customize our products to meet your unique needs
  • We have consistently short lead-times
  • Our products are small and easy to integrate into custom systems

And best of all, our clients keep coming back with more requests for solutions to meet their ever-evolving range of systems engineering needs. Which means when we work with a client, we create strong, long-term customer relationships, too.

Why Choose Ocean? Because what we make, makes a difference – to your customers, to your brand, and to your bottom line.


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