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Spectroscopy Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing

From plasma monitoring and plasma etching to endpoint detection in semiconductor processing, we offer optical sensing solutions to help with manufacturing processes. The result? Accelerated time to market, higher process yields, and improved product quality.

Monitoring Semiconductor Processes Using Spectroscopy

Learn how spectral tools boost yields and ensure device quality.

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Advantages of Optical Sensing

  • Real-time measurements
  • Flexible setups for different processes
  • High stability for reliable performance in process environments



  • Chamber Sterilization
  • Deposition
  • Etching
  • Endpoint Detection
  • Plasma Ashing/Cleaning
Spectroscopy-based sensors can be utilized not only in semiconductor deposition and etching processes, but also for chamber sterilization. These tools help to optimize wafer yields and quality.

Benedict Delahunty, Senior Etch Equipment Engineer - GlobalFoundries

Spectrometers to Reduce Downtime, Optimize Output and Improve Quality

Ocean HR Series Spectrometers

High resolution and thermal stability with rapid data acquisition speed

Ocean SR Series Spectrometers

Fast acquisition speed and high SNR

Ocean ST Microspectrometers

Ultra-compact device with great UV response and high SNR

QE Pro-Raman+ Spectrometers

High-sensitivity, back-thinned CCD spectrometer

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