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Spectroscopy Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

From identification of APIs to real-time validation of cleaning processes, Ocean Optics spectrometers provide rapid, nondestructive measurements to deliver higher yields, improved product quality and reduced contamination risk.

Clean Sweep: Increasing the Yield and Savings of Scrap Materials 

Learn how spectroscopy is helping to reduce costs. 

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What Our Customers Say About Working with Us

Ocean Optics has remained engaged with us throughout the project. All system components were selected, designed, and assembled synergistically. Our technologies help industries to maximize productivity, develop better quality products and get them to market faster.

Malvern Panalytical

To address issues with its pharma cleaning methods, a customer integrated an Ocean Optics process-rated spectrometer into its setup for real-time feedback on cleaning inefficiencies. This approach led to a 40% reduction in cleaning time, which increased yield and decreased waste from excess use of water and cleaning solution.

Better understanding of pharma materials enables more precise control of formulation and processing. In one case, a client utilized our products and design expertise to develop a system combining Raman and particle analysis in a single platform. The new instrument helps manufacturers boost product performance and offer greater value to customers. 

To develop an easily adaptable viral detection platform that can rapidly identify and classify different pathogens, a client incorporated Ocean Optics Raman technology into a virus screener for detection of COVID-19 and other pathogens. The result? An extension of viral triage capabilities with faster testing devices, better portability, and greater adaptability for different pathogens.


Ultra-compact device with great UV response and high SNR

Fast acquisition speed and high SNR unit without the tradeoffs

High resolution and stability in a small-bench spectrometer