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Do It Yourself Calibration

Calibration Services

Ocean Insight provides the tools and resources you’ll need for radiometric or spectrometer wavelength calibration.

Spectrometer: Radiometric Calibration
Radiometrically calibrated light sources are carefully characterized to deliver a known quantity of light with a very low uncertainty. Each source is measured to NIST-traceable standards, creating an unbroken chain of traceability and providing you with the highest quality and most reliable data.

Spectrometer: Wavelength Calibration
Use one of our gas-discharge sources – options include mercury-argon (HG-2), argon (AR-2) and xenon (XE-2) – to perform reliable spectrometer wavelength calibration. Wavelength calibration sources produce atomic emission lines and come with 5 VDC power supply and embedded, rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Ocean Care Service Plan
This is DIY for non-DIY-loving customers. In fact, the only “doing” here is investing in an Ocean Care Service Plan, which includes one free spectrometer wavelength calibration annually. Learn more

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