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OceanART Downloads

OceanART is an entry level software package for novice users in spectroscopy. A built in tutorial and intuitive UX provides confidence that even one’s very first measurement with an Ocean Insight spectrometer will provide accurate and usable data

Follow the link below to access the software


  • Auto Integration of light intensity
  • Auto Scaling of wavelength range
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and 10
  • Designed to perform absorbance, reflection, and transmission measurements
  • Scans to Average / Boxcar Smoothing
  • Auto shutter for connected lamps
  • Export data

Check For Updates here: Software Downloads 

Compatible Spectrometers

Options available

Ocean HDX Spectrometers

From $6,207.00

Options available

Maya2000 Pro High-Sensitivity Spectrometers

From $9,278.00

Options available

High-performance NIR Spectrometers (900-2500 nm)

From $17,098.00

Options available

Compact Shortwave NIR Spectrometer (650-1100 nm)

From $1,545.00

Options available

Ocean FX VIS-NIR (350-1000 nm) Spectrometer

From $4,444.00

Options available

HR Series High Resolution Spectrometers

From $5,908.00

Options available

Robust preconfigured spectrometer for UV-Visible (200-850 nm) measurements

From $3,815.00

Options available

High Sensitivity Spectrometers

From $15,737.00


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