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NOTE: Please use Google Chrome OR Internet Explorer (NOT Microsoft Edge) browser to download our software.

We are currently seeing issues with product key activation through the software due to a change in the licensing system. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please follow the steps at the webpages below for the offline activation procedure that will enable you to activate your software:

Offline Activation




OceanView Spectrometer Operating Software: 

Download FREE 30-Day Trial Version

For more details or to purchase OceanView 2.0, please visit the OceanView 2.0 Software product page.

2.0.8 03/05/2021
OceanView Spectrometer Operating Software:

Download 10-Day Free Trial

1.6.7 03/08/2018


Click Below For OceanView Offline Activation

Offline Activation

For more details, please visit the

OceanView Software product page.

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OceanView 2.0 is a smooth and powerful new version of our flagship spectroscopy application. The software runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, and controls Ocean Insight spectrometers.

Prices From $264.00