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The Power of Modular

  • Education & Academia
Ocean Insight Modular Spectrometers Lab Setup with scientist working

Ocean Insight modular spectrometers, imaging systems and optical sensors overcome traditional instrument limitations. Flexibility lowers barriers to exploration, minimizes design tradeoffs, and encourages experimentation.

Getting it Right

We enable confident experimentation for researchers and scientists in academia, government and industry. 

  • Instruments and accessories customized to your application needs
  • Mix-and-match components for optimized performance
  • Interchangeable spectrometer slits for setup flexibility
  • Extensive line of complementary light sources and accessories

Why Georgia Aquarium Chose Ocean Insight

The Ocean Insight team was receptive to all of our questions. Ocean was there for us at every turn.

Susan Walsh, Water Quality Lab Manager - Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, USA

Say "Yes" to the Power of Modular Spectroscopy ...

... and receive a special discount code to apply toward online purchase to any Measurement Package. 

As Your Experiment Needs Change, So Should Your Equipment

We've assembled our most commonly requested spectrometer setups in ready-to-order measurement packages for absorbance, fluorescence, Raman, NIR analysis and plasma monitoring. Each application setup is available in multiple versions, with variations in spectrometers and accessories.

Measurement packages for absorbance include Ocean HDX, QE Pro or Flame spectrometers, plus all necessary components for cuvette-based absorbance experiments.

Measurement packages for fluorescence include QE Pro or Flame spectrometers, plus all necessary components for general-purpose or high-sensitivity applications.

Ocean Insight felt like our partner in every way. Ocean helped us purchase the correct equipment, the waterproof fiber optics, the calibration lamp.

Susan Walsh, Water Quality Lab Manager - Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, USA

Ocean Insight delivers to research customers the spectral tools, software and service capabilities that inspire breakthrough solutions to challenges both big and small.

Our goal is to help you overcome ...

  • constraints of time,
  • challenges of lab space,
  • limits of budget or
  • apprehensions of unfamiliarity 

... to make your research a success.

Changing a Slit in an Ocean Insight Ocean HDX Miniature Spectrometer

Sales & Service Support for Researchers

Item Description

Application Expertise

Take advantage of our experience enabling thousands of spectroscopy and imaging applications 

Global Sales Consultation

Collaborate with our sales engineers or distributor representatives in your own time zone, in your native language

Global Support

Tap into our robust support structure across the U.S., Europe and Asia

3-Year Warranty

Feel confident with our industry-best warranty on most spectrometers and accessories

Online Shop

Enjoy the convenience of instant access to spectrometers, light sources and accessories

Calibration Services

Use our metrology lab services for certified spectrometer wavelength calibration or radiometric light source calibration

The Power of Modular in Action

Enabling faster cataract diagnosis

Learn how researchers are using UV spectroscopy to help make cataract diagnosis and treatment faster and more effective.

Providing support to educators

Learn how veteran physics teacher Dan Burns uses spectroscopy to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Flame ABS Bundle

More Measurement Packages

Preconfigured spectrometers, accessories and software are bundled for popular measurements including absorbance, fluorescence, Raman, Plasma, and NIR.

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