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Press Release: Ocean Optics Unveils New Logo

New logo follows announcement of brand restructuring featuring the iconic brand of compact spectrometers

Orlando, Florida, USA (March 24, 2023) – Ocean Optics, a brand of Ocean Insight, has introduced a new logo as part of the recent relaunch of its iconic brand of compact spectrometers.

Ocean Optics was relaunched earlier this year as one of three industry-leading photonics brands now comprising Ocean Insight. The others are Ocean Applied and International Light

Inspired by enduring elements of the company’s legacy logo and design features, the new Ocean Optics logo comprises bold strokes representing rays of light, in the company’s iconic nautilus shape. This graphic combines the presence of light with a spiral contour that occurs throughout nature, emblematic of Ocean Optics’ mission to discover, refine and deliver novel approaches to solving various problems using spectroscopy and optical sensing technologies.

More than three decades ago, Ocean Optics released the “world’s first miniature spectrometer,” ushering in a new way of utilizing and thinking about spectroscopy. As our customers’ needs have evolved, Ocean Optics has embraced new ways of innovating, collaborating and problem-solving.

Today, Ocean Optics spectrometers are used worldwide by industrial engineers, developers and OEM suppliers, and researchers for lab work, field research, instrument development and process monitoring. With the ongoing introduction of new spectrometers for UV, visible, Raman and NIR applications underscoring the company’s history of innovation, Ocean Optics continues to collaborate with customers on the important measurement challenges of the day.

Under the master brand of Ocean Insight, the company will now provide optical sensing solutions through three industry-leading brands: Ocean Optics, Ocean Applied, and International Light.

Embrace the adventure and become part of the growing team at Ocean Insight. View the open positions at our Careers Portal.