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FAQ: OceanView Software Modes

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We describe the differences between EZ and Advanced modes in OceanView spectroscopy software, how to switch from one mode to the other, and why Advanced mode is your best bet for more intensive data processing.

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Q: What’s the difference between EZ and Advanced modes in OceanView software?

A: Options are great but can sometimes be overwhelming. So, in response to customer feedback, we updated OceanView to offer a simpler version with fewer functions. Now, in OceanView versions 2.0.8 and higher, users can switch between two modes: EZ and Advanced. 

How to Determine Current OceanView Mode

When OceanView software is first installed, the default mode is EZ. At the far left of OceanView’s title bar and to the right of “OceanView 2.0.x (Licensed) -xx,” the display shows whether the user is in EZ (EZ) or Advanced (Advance) mode.

How to Switch Between Operating Modes

Switching between modes is as simple clicking the EZ or Advanced icons in the upper toolbar. The EZ icon is simple to spot – it’s an “EZ.” The Advanced mode icon appears as silhouetted figures.


What’s the Difference between EZ and Advanced Modes?

The primary difference between modes is that Advanced mode has more functions (represented in OceanView by icons).

Also, the Tools menu item under File | Tools is only available in Advanced mode. That includes access to the File | Tools submenu items Combine Calibration or Raw USB.

OceanView icons_3200x1800.jpg

Figure 1: These icons are associated with features available in Advanced Mode.

Here are the other differences between EZ and Advanced modes for graph features:

Graph Manipulation EZ Mode Advanced Mode
Zoom out to maximum x x
Zoom out x x
Zoom in to graph x x
Zoom to manual selection No x
Scale graph to fill window x x
Scale graph height to fill window No x
Manually set numeric ranges No x
Toggle graph panning mode x x
Graph Input/Output EZ Mode Advanced Mode
Copy data to clipboard x x
Save graph to files x x
Load ASCII file to graph No x
Configure graph saving x x
Print graph x x
Convert active spectrum to overlay No x
Delete overlay spectrum No x
Graph Specialty Features EZ Mode Advanced Mode
View results in table form x x
Reference spectrum No x
Background spectrum No x
Create strip chart No x
Splice data No x
View spectrum peaks No x
View trendline time trail No x


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