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Watch the Video Highlighting Key Features of Ocean ST

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This video highlights key features of the Ocean ST microspectrometer, our smallest and most accessible spectrometer. Enjoy full spectral analysis in a compact footprint, with models for UV, Visible and NIR wavelengths.

Despite its small size and light weight, the new Ocean ST microspectrometer delivers full spectral analysis at a performance level comparable to larger and more expensive spectrometers. In this video, Senior Application Scientist Derek Guenther covers the ins and outs of the Ocean ST and suggests some relevant applications. 

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Watch Our New Ocean ST Spectrometer Video

In this video, we showcase the Ocean ST microspectrometer, a powerful instrument that delivers remarkable performance in a compact footprint.

The Ocean ST-UV microspectrometer provides excellent UV response, high-speed spectral acquisition, and high SNR performance in a small footprint.

Options available

Cosine Correctors are optical diffusers that couple to fibers and spectrometers to collect signal from 180° field of view. Diffusing material options are opaline glass, PTFE and Spectralon.

Prices From $75.00

Ocean ST-VIS microspectrometer (350-810 nm) delivers full spectral analysis at a performance level comparable to costlier large-bench spectrometers.

Options available

OceanDirect is a powerful device driver platform with API for control of Ocean Insight spectrometers.

Prices From $625.00

The Ocean ST-NIR microspectrometer is ideal for both everyday lab use and integration into other devices and setups where space is limited.

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In this application note, the Ocean ST spectrometer delivers excellent absorbance linearity for accurate detection of proteins over a wide range of concentration levels. Read more. ->>

Discover the remarkable sensitivity of Ocean ST in measuring the fluorescence of Europium chloride and Terbium chloride, rare earth salts used in products including EV batteries.

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