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Preconfigured NIRQuest+ Spectrometers

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NIRQuest+ is the next generation of NIR spectrometers from Ocean Insight. The NIRQuest+ family has an improved optical bench design for higher-sensitivity performance and is available in a configuration well suited for your NIR application.
NIRQuest+ is available in three versions covering different wavelengths from 900-2500 nm. These spectrometers are ideal for applications including moisture content for fruit sorting; plastics recycling; and chemical concentration measurements. The spectrometer can be used in the lab or on the line, such as on a conveyor belt or in a sample stream.
NIRQuest+ spectrometers are compatible with our comprehensive line of fiber optic light sources, optical fibers and sampling accessories.


  • Preconfigured models across 900-2500 nm – options include 900-1700 nm (NIRQuest+1.7), 900-2200 nm (NIRQuest+2.2) and 900-2500 nm (NIRQuest+2.5)
  • High sensitivity – enhanced optical bench and aperture design for greatly improved spectrometer response, allowing lower limits of detection (LOD)
  • Low LOD – detect weaker sources of NIR light and use shorter integration times to capture necessary spectra
  • Thermal stability – thermoelectric cooling to -20 °C for low dark current performance
  • Flexible applications – ideal for moisture content of fruits and grains; identification of plastics in recycling; and chemical concentration measurements

Need a custom configured spectrometer?

Flexibility in the selection of gratings, slits and other components
allows users to customize solutions for specific measurement challenges.

Contact us to find out how a spectrometer can be configured.

Take advantage of our technical guidance and this interactive spectrometer range-resolution tool.


Subject to change depending on model type


Wavelength Range:
900nm - 2.5μm
Optical Resolution:
3.13 nm FWHM (typical), 5.47 nm FWHM (typical), 6.25 nm FWHM (typical)
Integration Time:
1ms - 12s
Dark Noise:
16 RMS counts @ 10 ms; 24 RMS counts @ 30 ms, 6 RMS counts @ 100 ms; 12 RMS counts @ 250 ms
Input Fiber Connector:
SMA 905
Signal to Noise Ratio:
10000:1 (typical), 13000:1 (typical)


InGaAs linear array, InGaAs Linear Image Sensor
Entrance slit:
25 µm
Order Sorting:
OF1-RG830 longpass NIR filter


182 x 110 x 47 mm
1.18 kg (without power supply)

Measurement techniques