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Top 10 Spectroscopy Blog Posts of 2022

  • Medical & Life Sciences
  • Absorbance
  • Microspectrometers
Top 10 in Golden Letters

This year’s top blog posts featured new spectrometers (including the Ocean ST microspectrometer), application notes (from blood analysis to plasma monitoring), and tech tips (from changing a slit to understanding SNR).

Here, in reverse order, are the Top 10 most viewed blog posts of 2022:

In this case study, Ocean Insight partnered with a leader in plasma-etching technologies to explore full-spectrum plasma monitoring solutions suitable for endpoint detection.

#9. Product Video: Ocean HR2 New Spectrometer

It’s a showcase for Ocean HR2, a high-resolution spectrometer with rapid acquisition speed and superior SNR performance for applications from plasma monitoring to pharma analysis.

In this application, we use an Ocean ST microspectrometer to help explore the importance of absorbance linearity in evaluating spectrometer performance.

In this app note, we evaluate the Ocean SR2 spectrometer for measuring absorbance of optical filters and potassium dichromate solution standards.

From changing a slit to measuring lamp output, Ocean Insight offers several commonly requested spectral measurement tips to help you produce reliable results.

High Speed Averaging Mode is a feature that enables incredible signal to noise ratio performance using hardware-accelerated signal averaging.

#4. Ocean ST Spectrometer in the Spotlight

This video showcases the Ocean ST microspectrometer, a powerful instrument that delivers remarkable performance in an ultra-compact footprint.

This post announced the release of the Ocean ST microspectrometer, which drew interest from customers impressed by its UV response, high-speed spectral acquisition, and high SNR performance.

One of the three new spectrometer releases in 2022, this high-resolution spectrometer is an excellent option for applications from plasma monitoring to pharma analysis.

In this app note, we evaluate the Ocean ST UV-Visible microspectrometer for measuring the absorbance of whole blood and oxygen-transporting hemoglobin.

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