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Ocean Optics Is Evolving, So Is Ocean Insight

Sustainability at Ocean Insight

Ocean Insight is actively engaged in supporting sustainability and reducing our environmental impact across all aspects of our business. We also support customers worldwide that research, develop and utilize technologies to monitor the environment, ensure the quality and availability of critical natural resources, and analyze materials to improve quality and reduce waste.

Here are several sustainability efforts either in progress or scheduled:

Renewably-sourced Electricity
In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, Ocean Insight has invested in renewable energy credits (RECs) for its facilities in Orlando, Fla., and Rochester, N.Y. These credits cover the added cost of putting renewable energy (solar, wind and others) onto the grid equivalent to our energy usage, effectively making our energy use for those two sites 100% renewable. By increasing renewable energy demand, these credits foster and support the installation of additional renewable capacity. Ultimately, our renewable energy efforts begun in the U.S. will extend to all Ocean Insight locations worldwide and could include rooftop solar installation for our facilities where solar is a viable renewable energy option.

Waste Reduction
Our efforts to reduce waste are continually evolving and require a thorough understanding of waste streams and where improvements can be made. Even seemingly modest initiatives including 100% recycling of glass and aluminum at all our facilities can help. Did you know that recycling glass saves about 20% on energy and 50% on water, compared with the resources required to make new glass?  Or that it takes about a million years for glass to break down in a landfill? Or that recycled aluminum uses only 5% of the energy required to make the original product? 

Greener Materials
Over the next several years, Ocean Insight will invest in efforts to promote the use of more environmentally-friendly materials. One such effort is to use recyclable or reusable packaging in place of non-recyclable materials while maintaining safe, secure shipping of our products.

Partnership with Suppliers
We encourage our suppliers to support sustainability and will work with them to set joint net impact reduction goals. Making sustainability an important part of corporate governance is a challenging but achievable goal that we encourage businesses everywhere to adopt.

Collaboration with Customers
Environmental stewardship is part of Ocean Insight’s company heritage. Our first product was a fiber optic sensor deployed at sea to measure pH and investigate any correlation to carbon dioxide levels, and our parent company, Halma plc, is dedicated to providing products and services that create a safer, cleaner and healthier future for everyone, every day.

Today, our customers use Ocean Insight spectrometers and systems to support solutions for challenges ranging from microplastics remediation to recycling efficiency. Learn about other examples of customers supporting sustainability and environmental management.

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