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Ocean Insight offers robust, scalable sensing tools and application knowledge, design and manufacturing expertise to help manufacturers navigate ongoing challenges associated with regulatory issues, process efficiencies and global competition.

Unlocking the Unknowns of Industrial Sensing

Ocean Insight serves industry by supplying optical sensing components, subassemblies, handheld and turnkey systems in volume. Our technologies, ability to engineer complex solutions, and experience in applying spectral knowledge to solve measurement challenges are uniquely placed to deliver custom solutions from prototype to mass production. Learn more in this whitepaper.

Global Support Network

Ocean Insight has a global manufacturing and supply network, with ISO-certified operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We have extensive experience in delivering custom solutions and quality protocols, allowing us to effectively manage production for both startups and Fortune 500 companies, and helping customers deliver decisive, actionable results.

Our Approach

Ocean Insight helps manufacturers seek new and better ways to qualify raw materials, reduce waste and off-specification product, and increase production yields.

applied spectral knowledge feasibility chart

Ocean Lab Services

Ocean Lab Services is the bridge between helping manufacturers to define their most pressing challenges and providing the evaluation tools and insight to solve them.

Our dedicated Ocean Lab Services team draws on decades of experience in optical sensing to deliver services ranging from basic feasibility studies to more complex offerings including experimental design, machine learning and consultancy.

Color Measurements in Industrial Environments

The FD-D8R is a robust, non-contact, real-time spectrophotometer designed for use in industrial applications. Download Product Sheet to learn more!

The FD-D8R goes from raw spectral measurements to the answers customers want. It’s a true in-line solution that enables hundreds of thousands of parts per day, making 100% inspection possible.

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