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Getting it Right

Getting Started with Your Ocean Optics Spectrometer

In this video, we guide you through the unpacking of an Ocean Optics spectrometer, describing the items you’ll receive and explaining why installing software is always your first step.

How Does a Spectrometer Work?

In this video animation, follow the journey photons take as they encounter components within the spectrometer optical bench, undergoing various processes before becoming a spectrum.

Part 1 - Best Practices for Using OceanView

Experts Yvette Mattley and Derek Guenther guide listeners on a tour of OceanView 2.0 software.

Part 2 - Best Practices for Using OceanView

The second part of OceanView 2.0 Webinar Series covers The Wizard and the Power of the Schematic.

How To ...

How to Set Up an Absolute Irradiance Measurement

In this tutorial, we guide you through the steps to take when measuring the absolute irradiance of sources including lamps and LEDs. Learn how to calculate power output at each wavelength.

Absorbance Video Tutorial

In this video, we demonstrate a basic absorbance measurement using Ocean Optics products. We also explain OceanView software procedures and share tips to ensure the best results.

Our hosts have welcomed experts for insightful discussions about the spectral challenges, applications and techniques associated with Raman, color, NIR, LIBS and more.

How to Make a Reflectance Measurement

In this video, we guide users through the basic steps necessary to perform both diffuse reflectance and color measurements using Ocean Optics spectrometers and accessories.

Our Products

Ocean HDX Raman Spectrometer

Making Raman more accessible with the 785 nm Raman excitation spectrometer, ideal for a range of applications.

SERS for Trace Level Virus Detection

In this video, we demonstrate how our proprietary surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy substrates enhance Raman signal to detect antibody samples from SARS-CoV-1 and -2 proteins.

Watch Our Newest NIR Spectrometer Video

With NIRQuest+, you'll enjoy a 2.5x increase in sensitivity, greater thermal stability, and low limits of detection from 900-2500 nm.

Measuring Oxygen in a Plane

Watch as Senior Application Scientist Derek Guenther describes the NeoFox optical oxygen sensor and demonstrates how it measures changing O2 levels within a plane cabin as altitude changes.

Application Setups

UV Absorbance for Continuous, Online Monitoring of Proteins

Learn more about continuous, online monitoring of proteins using UV absorbance. See how an Ocean HDX spectrometer captures real-time protein concentration values, and then converts the data into meaningful answers.

Soil Characterization Using NIR Spectroscopy

In this video we measure the moisture content of organic and topsoil samples using the NIRQuest+2.5 spectrometer (900-2500 nm) as part of a diffuse reflectance system. Moisture content in soil is important in agriculture as an indicator of crop health.

COVID-19 Antibody Detection

In this demo, we use surfaced-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) for rapid detection of a COVID-19 antibody. Learn how SERS substrates are integrated into setups, when to use standard or liquid SERS, and how a few simple tips ensure best results.

Characterizing Safety Materials Using Phosphorescence

In this video, we use the super-fast Ocean FX spectrometer and our high-power LED light sources to measure both steady-state and time-resolved photoluminescence of phosphors. These materials are important for lighting, safety and display applications.

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