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Lighting & Illumination

  • Lighting & Illumination
lights from the top of singapore hotel

Ocean Insight collaborates with users and manufacturers to adapt, develop and deploy spectral sensing solutions to monitor the power, quality and color of light.

Lighting Applications

Ocean Insight provides the spectral tools, know-how and calibration support to calculate the power and color output of lighting for various applications:

  • Flicker effects in fluorescent, halogen and LED lighting
  • Emission wavelengths of gas-discharge lamps
  • Quality control of LEDs and digital displays
  • Monitoring of sleep-disrupting “blue light” in electronic devices
  • Characterization of UV curing lamps

Wave Illumination: Unlock the Value of Light

An internal start-up of Ocean Insight, Wave Illumination provides a handheld light measurement device – WaveGo – that helps to connect lit environments and drive better outcomes for wellness, efficiency, compliance and design.

WaveGo for Architectural Lighting

Increased exposure to artificial light affects our health and wellbeing. WaveGo helps architectural lighting manufacturers and installers to deliver balanced, functional light.

WaveGo for Horticultural Lighting

As more is learned about the effects of artificial light on plant and crop growth, the horticulture industry turns to tools like WaveGo to measure and monitor the quality and efficiency of light.

The impact of light goes beyond simple color and intensity measurements. Careful management of light is essential to health, safety and efficiency.

Henry Langston, former Chief Commercial Officer - Ocean Insight

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We value partnership with researchers asking the “what-if” questions that advance us toward a safer, cleaner, healthier world.

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