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Food & Agriculture

  • Food & Agriculture
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Population growth and limited available land for farming have strained the world’s capacity to produce enough food. Ocean Insight partners with experts across the food and agriculture industry to create solutions that improve food yield, quality, safety, and integrity.

Helping the Food & Agriculture Industry Grow

The agricultural industry provides fresh, wholesome food to feed the world, making it look so easy that most people take it for granted.

At Ocean Insight, we recognize the path from farm to fork is both challenging and evolving. That’s why we partner with food and agriculture experts to create solutions that improve food quality quickly and at scale.

From food lab development and industrial sorting and grading to real-time field analysis, Ocean Insight helps refine and innovate food production.

Solutions from Farm to Fork

Ocean Insight provides sophisticated optical sensing equipment and applied spectral knowledge to uncover new objective data the food industry can use to streamline production, cut costs and improve the safety of our food supplies.

Benefits of Ocean Insight Spectral Sensing in the Food & Agriculture Industry

  • Our solutions are portable, affordable, and provide answers in real-time
  • Our compact, modular systems can be configured for your specific application
  • Our large selection of sensing tools and expertise in measurement techniques and applications deliver unique insights 
  • Our Applied Systems business division specializes in designing and collaborating on turnkey spectral systems to deliver custom solutions
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Solutions for Food and Agriculture

Working with greenhouse operators to ensure LED specifications meet limits set for optimum crop growth.

Providing objective data to assure crops are free from residual pesticides.

Helping protect against commercial food fraud by verifying the authenticity of honey, olive oil, spices, meat, fish, grains and other foods.

The fruitful collaboration [between Lugo and Ocean] began with us sending samples for the first examination and has included regular meetings with the technical teams from both companies. Sharing knowledge in optics, mechanics and software brought us, in a short time, to the desired result.

Ofir Luk - Lugo Machinery & Innovation

High-sensitivity NIR spectrometers for applications within the 900-1650 nm, 900-2120 nm and 900-2450 nm wavelength ranges

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